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Channel M powers Ashley Furniture, Ecko DOOH networks

LOS ANGELES — Channel M, the industry’s leading producer of customized in-store TV networks, is now opening up its in-store TV networks in all Ashley Furniture HomeStores and ecko locations nationwide to advertisers. The retailers previously featured ad-free, custom programming created by Channel M in their stores. Third-party advertising on the Ashley Furniture Home Stores and ecko retail networks not only connects brands with actively shopping consumers, it is also an effective way to increase store sales by featuring products or advertising special offers close to the point of purchase.

Ashley Furniture HomeStores and ecko have been inserting promotional spots and branded features for their own merchandise directly into their in-store TV networks and are now opening up these networks to advertising from external, complementary brands interested in targeting each retailer’s specific customer base. With Channel M’s digital content distribution capabilities, each in-store network offers a wide range of advertisement delivery options, including 30-second commercials, flash billboards, product integration and trailers, which can be adjusted to a particular marketer’s geography. Channel M can develop targeted advertisements in-house or work directly with brands and agencies to create ads that target each retailer’s consumer base in-store.

“Ashley Furniture HomeStores and ecko stores both attract a specific and highly sought-after customer base with unique demographic and psychographic attributes,” said Dennis Quinn, president of sales and marketing for Channel M. “By providing the ability for brands to connect with consumers who are actually out shopping and ready to make purchases, Channel M has created a more effective method for delivering branded messages that generate immediate sales results. We are pleased to support this evolution in advertising by opening up these retail networks to brands and advertisers.”

“Through our in-store television network from Channel M, we are able to both entertain and educate our customers, while capitalizing on the inherent flexibility of digital network delivery to highlight special offers and product information specific to different areas of the country.” said Nichole Jordan, advertising manager of Ashley Furniture Home Stores. Considering that many people buy furniture during major life changes such as after a move or the purchase of a new home, our customers make great targets for advertisers looking to reach new consumers or create loyalty with existing consumers.”

The Ashley Furniture network has over 1,500 television screens running custom Channel M programming.  Its 215 networked locations in the United States span 110 designated marketing areas and reach over 900,000 in-store visitors per month. The network’s primary audience is family-oriented women age 25-49.

“ecko is a youth culture brand and our customers are predominantly young men who are into music, action sports, technology and entertainment,” said Michael Golden, chief marketing officer of ecko. “They are very brand loyal but a hard to reach audience, these young men only want to associate with brands that reflect their individuality. As a result, ecko shoppers are highly desired by other brands. By opening our network to advertisers, we look forward to an added revenue stream while creating partnerships that enhance and complement the ecko brand and our customer base.”

The ecko TV network has screens running Channel M programming in 68 locations in the United States spanning 39 designated marketing areas, the retailer’s in-store network reaches an elusive young male audience. The primary audience of ecko shoppers is 79 percent male within the ages of 14-34 who believe their personal style is a crucial reflection of themselves.