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CERPO eye clinic to add 3D digital signage in Brazil

CERPO, an eye clinic chain in Brazil, has entered a partnership with 3D Impact Media, a Brazilian provider of 3D digital signage solutions. According to a press release, CERPO will run content in 3D on 29 displays in its offices, and is expecting an audience of 45,000 a month for the network.

Content will be a mix of informational, entertainment and advertising. Content will come from a previously selected program grid from Icon Channel, which in turn relies on content provided by 3D Impact Media’s partner Editora Abril, as well as and Eco-Development, besides information on Cultural Agenda and services.

A survey made by Millward Brown, requested by 3D Impact Media, reported that three-dimensional images displayed at retail stores have an impact up to four times higher than conventional images.

“3D represents a revolution of its own kind in the world today and will be present in our lives in various ways,” said Michael Kronenberg, CEO of 3D Impact Media.

The advertising content in 3D is developed by SkyCube Productions, specialized in all kinds of tri-dimensional animation. All production work is developed in partnership with advertising agencies.

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