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CBS's Automotive Broadcasting Network chooses content manager

ROCKVILLE, Md. — The Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN), a private auto retailing television network fueled by CBS, has announced that it has selected Cilutions Inc. for the distribution and management of video content within its dealer network. Cilutions, a content delivery solutions provider, will integrate its flagship software product — Digital Media Bridge (DMB) — into the ABN system to manage video distribution to automotive dealers throughout the country.
The ABN system provides automotive dealers with the ability to control advertising content being shown on televisions throughout their facilities. Instead of showing regular network or cable television, ABN subscribers will receive high quality, fast-paced, family-friendly entertainment including CBS programming not normally available during business hours as well as clips and segments from CBS news and talk programs.
Also central to ABN’s offering is a series of automotive-specific “shorts” such as tech tips and walk-arounds, which are produced by ABN and designed to inform and educate customers and ultimately increase sales. These spots, together with promotional spots provided by the dealer, will replace typical commercial spots seen on broadcast or cable TV. 
“Cilutions’ DMB software lets us send specifically packaged content to individual dealerships, which enables the dealership to promote its own products and services to customers in the waiting room and showroom,” said ABN founder and chief executive Jerry Daniels.
The customizable content that will be used in lieu of regular television commercials could include useful service tips, walk-arounds of the latest vehicles and models, as well as dealer-provided call-to-action or branding spots such as customer testimonials. Daniels added that he expects that the content will be updated every few weeks.
“ABN is essentially taking an out-of-home digital media network — a product that has had great success in other retail environments — and adding the unique twist of delivering customizable advertising to the mix,” said Kamran Givpoor, president and CEO of Cilutions. “We are very pleased that they chose to integrate our DMB solution into their network’s delivery mechanism.”