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CBS Outdoor puts 'True Blood' in the subway

CBS Outdoor announced earlier this week that it had unveiled “the world’s first-ever high-definition video platform poster,” which it’s calling “the Video Two-Sheet.”

The platform poster is part of a promo campaign for the highly anticipated third season of HBO’s True Bloodand is located at the Times Square subway station.

As part of the promotion, the poster will show commuters a preview of the show’s new season using an ultra-thin 10-inch LCD screen, with audio, embedded into traditional two-sheet posters as part of HBO’s Times Square “Subway Domination.”

The unique design of the self powered Video 2-Sheet brings traditional subway posters to a new level of engagement, according to CBS Outdoor, which worked with its partners Engagement Media and Standout Graphics to create this new digital media format.

“CBS Outdoor is very excited to showcase our latest digital media format with HBO,” said David Lane, vice president, digital media, CBS Outdoor. “The combination of digital media and print gives us the opportunity to create unique, personal and engaging experiences for the consumer on behalf of our clients.”