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CAYIN launches xPost for instant content creation

TAIPEI, Taiwan – CAYIN Technology has announced the release of its Web-based application software, xPost. The bundle offers a suite of content editing software, containing meetingPost, wayfinderPost, and lobbyPost, to create rich content for hotels and convention center digital signage.
xPost provides a platform for instant data entry and further extends the usage of CAYIN SMP-WEB series players to meet users’ requirements of frequent, daily maintenance.
lobbyPost is the application software especially designed for lobby digital signage. Powered by lobbyPost’s content and managerial tools, the software can be used to easily display advertisements, corporate image video, guest room rates and currency exchange rates. Also, weather information can be retrieved from the Internet and automatically displayed on the screen.
meetingPost is dedicated to the needs of meeting rooms and banquet halls that require flexible arrangement on the meeting schedule as well as frequent updates. Through the room booking system in meetingPost, administrators can arrange events easily and publish events on the screen automatically.wayfinderPost provides various templates for digital signage in public spaces.
Modules in xPost are installed with various pre-designed portrait and landscape templates, as well as many useful icons and symbols. Users can also change images or configurations based on individual needs. And with the Web-based management user interface, administrators can sit in front of any computer and remotely change the information displayed in the lobby, outside meeting rooms and in the hallway.