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Capital Networks and CognoVision announce agreement for digital signage

MARKHAM, Ontario — Capital Networks Limited, a provider of advanced multimedia platforms for digital signage, and CognoVision Solutions Inc., a provider of real-time audience measurement and targeting solutions for the out-of-home advertising industry, announced that they have entered into a joint marketing agreement.

“Our Audience software platform is now installed on six continents in a wide range of industry applications but clearly the fastest growing is digital signage,” said Bil Trainor, president of Capital Networks. “Through this agreement we are now able to seamlessly deliver the wide range of features and benefits of CognoVision’s cutting edge, real-time automated audience measurement software. We are pleased to offer this as part of our total platform.”

The agreement enables both companies to work together to increase market reach and to attract new customers. It also provides each company’s clients preferential access to their fully integrated software products and services.

“Our agreement today marks the beginning of a new standard in evaluating the effectiveness of digital signage while making it easy for the end client to acquire and deploy,” said Haroon Mirza, director of business development for CognoVision. “Advertisers are demanding accountability across the globe. It is no longer good enough to say a screen was on. An advertiser demands to know how many people had access to the message, the actual impression count and for how long each person watched.”

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