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Camvine intros CODAsoft DOOH software for channel partners

Cambridge, U.K.’s Camvine today announced the availability of CODAsoft, the software-only version of its cloud-based digital signage system for major distributors, integrators and OEMs.

According to Camvine, channel partners now have the freedom to integrate CODA into displays, media players and other hardware of their choice, which are then controlled by Camvine’s cloud-based content management system. Benefits include hardware flexibility, rebranding, a partner dashboard and real-time diagnostic tools, as well as technical and marketing support.

CODAsoft is available for Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems and has two degrees of branding. Private labeling allows channel partners to totally rebrand CODA, re-skinning the website, renaming the URL address and rebranding software for the device hardware. CODA branding allows resellers to add their own brand identity to CODA, including a logo and customized URL address.

“This is a significant development for our channel as it brings all the benefits of CODA to the bigger players and frees CODA for worldwide distribution,” Camvine Head of Sales & Marketing Steve Hales said in the announcement. “Feedback from major channel players that have assessed CODA has been extremely positive. They are particularly impressed with the straightforward nature of the content management system, the ‘plug-and-play’ simplicity of the hardware and ease with which users can display live, personalized content”.

To start building new media devices using CODAsoft, the distribution process involves downloading the CODA media player software installer, transferring the software to a USB stick and then simply installing the software onto the hardware devices. Camvine said the installation process is simple and it is easily repeatable for large numbers of devices.

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