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BroadSign to power the largest digital signage network in diabetes clinics

MONTREAL —BroadSign International Inc., a worldwide provider of software-as-a-service  solutions for managing digital signage networks, and Chicago-based ContextMedia Inc., a point-of-care digital media network operator, are deploying screens at 900 locations to create the largest diabetes health education network in North America.
ContextMedia owns and operates the Diabetes Health Network — a network of digital displays installed in medical offices. The location-specific video programming inspires patients, educates them about their condition, provides nutritional tips, and gives advice about products that can help them lead a healthier life.
The DHN is the only waiting-room multimedia network that is fully dedicated to diabetes. The content loop consists of high-quality video segments produced by the world’s leading sources of diabetes education, combined with sponsor messages. The DHN model allows doctors to customize programming for their offices by selecting content from an extensive library and mixing in their own video messages.
Membership in DHN is free for doctors who meet certain criteria. ContextMedia installs and maintains the screens at no cost to the clinics, while doctors have control over the content playing in their office and can use ten percent of airtime for their own messaging.
The rollout follows the success of an initial deployment of 350 screens. Three of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies, including Roche Diagnostics and Sanofi Aventis, have become regular sponsors of the DHN.
ContextMedia is planning to expand the network to 1,800 screens in 2009, and reach up to 4,000 screens in 2010.
Derek Moeller, chairman of ContextMedia, says BroadSign’s SaaS solution was chosen because of its ability to support network growth at minimal operational costs, and because of the flexibility of its media-placement workflow.

digital signage network in diabetes clinics