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BroadSign, Level Vision partner for retail digital signage

MINNEAPOLIS – BroadSign International Inc., a worldwide provider of hosted software for managing digital signage networks, announced that LevelVision Media has integrated BroadSign Suite into its proprietary out-of-home level surface media.
LevelVision is a media network provider aimed at allowing advertisers and retailers to more effectively engage consumers at the point of purchase decision through patented products such as IntelliMat and CounterVision.
LevelVision products are designed to have both a proxemic and psychological impact on consumers. LevelVision takes advantage of the proxemics marketing effect by delivering content to consumers within their personal space by placing screens on the ground under customers’ feet. Combined with the human tendency for increased focus when looking down, this helps deliver more engaging content in the customers’ natural line of sight.
“We picked BroadSign because they delivered what they promised in full: the software that allows us to do pinpoint audience targeting, adjust schedules and content quickly, and reliably run large networks from one control point, with very few people and no additional IT infrastructure,” said Jim Currie, president, LevelVision.
Following the integration with BroadSign’s digital signage software LevelVision is expanding its network to more than 200 college bookstores nationwide and is deriving revenue from selling advertising time on the screens, as well as from the sales of display devices.
“LevelVision found a very innovative way to resolve the problem of communicating with consumers without adding to the in-store signage clutter,” said Rick Engels, president and chief executive officer of BroadSign International. “We feel there is a great match between their business concept and what our software can do, so we will complement each other very well.”

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