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BroadSign, GIA Networks expand signage locations in Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – BroadSign International Inc., a worldwide provider of “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) solutions for managing digital signage networks, and GIA Networks have begun deployment of BroadSign Suite to power screens in high-end fashion boutiques, shopping centers and salons.
GIA Networks is a Minneapolis-based operator of digital out-of-home networks with a unique style and original content. Designed for the Twin Cities’ high-income consumer, GIA Networks runs a closed network with original monthly programming. Bright 32- to 50-inch LCD screens are being installed in high-density shopper traffic areas with the goal of entertaining and informing patrons of products, services, events and local trends. Thirty screens are currently operational, and 60 locations will be deployed by the end of 2008. The programming loop consists of infotainment and advertisement segments and is adjusted to the time customers spend at each location. The advertising time is split between store owners and local and regional advertisers.
“BroadSign’s SaaS approach allowed us to start fast and now we are able to focus mainly on the media aspect of our business, and less on IT,” said Marta Anderson-Szomor, chief executive of GIA Networks. “We can easily target audiences by location or customer profile, update schedules and content, and provide advertisers with the proof-of-performance reports they need to gauge campaign effectiveness.”
“GIA Networks’ model requires all the flexibility and efficiency you can imagine from a network management perspective,” said Rick Engels, CEO of BroadSign International. “BroadSign is able to fulfill all these requirements and help GIA grow their business, while maintaining a lean media company structure.”
GIA Networks is deploying the new 6.1 version of BroadSign Suite that has a dynamic rate card, allowing networks to price campaigns based on the number of ad plays or impressions. Using BroadSign Suite 6.1, network operators can satisfy the most demanding advertisers by generating media buyer-friendly documents such as insertion orders, campaign progress reports and affidavits. All existing BroadSign-run networks are remotely upgraded to new software versions regularly, at no charge. “GIA’s innovative concept is that of a local magazine in video format,” Anderson-Szomor said. “We truly are the next wave of media distribution and local information delivery. The system we operate with BroadSign’s software enables our partner boutiques, salons, and offices to eliminate the clutter of static advertising, and at the same time creates a stylish and effective environment for marketers to deliver their messages.”   GIA Networks selects their advertisers strictly from entertainment, lifestyle and fashion industries to make sure their ads match the programming content and are relevant to the target audience.

“GIA Networks fits perfectly in my store and helps create a dynamic and trendy atmosphere that my customers like,” said Caesar Russell, owner of Stiletto, a GIA Networks’ business partner and advertiser. “For local boutiques, including mine, GIA Networks is a great way to promote your business as edgy, stylish and in-the-know.”