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BroadSign Creator released for digital signage content creation

MONTREAL, Canada — BroadSign International, a provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for managing digital out-of-home networks, has released its first web-based application, BroadSign Creator, to enable small networks or local operators within large networks to quickly create content and play it back on their network segments.

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BroadSign Creator is the company’s response to feature requests from client networks, mostly in the retail market, who needed to give more flexibility to local divisions in maximizing their sales. With BroadSign Creator, branches can react quickly to changes in inventory levels, weather conditions, local events or other factors, and inform their customers or move relevant products off the shelves via promotional, sale or liquidation campaigns, bypassing the traditional campaign execution process via the network operator’s head office.

Network operators can allocate a certain number of ad spots to branches to be used at their discretion. With BroadSign Creator, managers can create compelling messages on-the-fly, using templates, stock images and fonts and schedule them for playback on their screens within minutes.

“BroadSign Creator is extremely easy to use, it requires no training and provides an immediate way for our customers to increase productivity and revenue,” said Brian Dusho, chief strategy officer of BroadSign International. “In our four major vertical markets: retail, healthcare, lifestyle/entertainment and transit, the ability for venues to change content and schedules quickly or placing a local ad without waiting for the head office to process it is often critical. Our new tool simplifies this workflow.”

BroadSign Creator is available to all new and existing client networks as of Dec. 15, 2008.

Although the company’s main target has been large network operators, the release of the new Web application is part of BroadSign’s strategy to further penetrate the small and medium-size network market.

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