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Black Box releases comprehensive digital signage solutions catalog

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Black Box Corp., a provider of voice communications, data infrastructure and product solutions, has just released a new comprehensive catalog of digital signage products designed to help businesses increase sales and improve communications.

The 88-page digital signage Solutions catalog features a comprehensive selection of media players and AV communications and conversion equipment, as well as cables, cabinets and accessories, to help customers increase sales and improve communications on a tight budget.

The catalog features a selection of digital signage players and appliances, including iCOMPEL, the company’s new line of “out-of-the-box” appliances featured recently in USA Today. Each iCOMPEL unit comes with design and management software preinstalled, plus updates are free and there are no licensing fees to deal with later.
“Whether you want to use it to promote products in a retail setting or use it to improve communications in a corporate, government, or educational environment, digital signage is a prudent investment, one that enables you to deliver the right message at the right time,” said Mario Calabro, Black Box multimedia products manager. 

The catalog also features Video and Audio over Ethernet (VAoE) Extenders, which enable customers to use Ethernet network cabling to cost-effectively distribute 1080p digital signage video and audio to multiple DVI or HDTV screens, as well as the new LongSpan 900-MHz Wireless Ethernet Extenders for communicating with outdoor LED billboards and kiosks at ultra-long distances. Also featured: HDMI extenders, DVI extenders, and analog VGA extension solutions. 

Plus, digital signage Solutions features video and audio splitters, switches, and a number of  conversion products, including the economical new Multi-Format HD Video Scaler, a powerful high-definition digital DVI/HDMI and analog PC VGA/YPbPr scaler that does the job of multiple products.

But the catalog goes beyond conventional digital signage products. It also has XGA/WXGA projectors and Black Box’s Wireless VGA Video Presentation System, a system that makes it easy to set up 802.11/b/g laptop-to-projector communications for hundreds of users in large conference rooms. Its receiver plugs into any projector or other display device with a VGA port, enabling wireless communications between it and any Wi-Fi laptop up to 200 feet away. It can even be used as a wireless access point for Internet connections.

Also included in the catalog are cabling and accessories, such as patch panels, power-protection devices and testers and termination tools to ensure high-quality video, audio, and data connections.

The catalog also offers keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switches for use in multimedia control rooms, KVM-over-IP products for browser-based remote access to media appliances and servers, network switches, and cable media converters that make it simple and affordable to link copper and fiber optic segments.

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