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Belgium's iDklic to deploy in-store digital signage for Universal Pharma

Belgian digital signage specialists iDklic recently announced a new deployment with Universal Pharma, a Belgian pharmacy chain operator.

IDklic’s plug-and-play technology, ID Media Screen, has first rolled out in the Brussels region. Universal Pharma TV is a health-related TV channel dedicated to pharmacies from iDklic, which provides health-related information and interactive advertising to its clients at the point of purchase.

“We believe that digital signage in pharmacies has great potential to create additional revenue streams for retailers and pharmaceutical companies,” iDklic CEO Jean-Charles Figoni said. “Universal Pharma had been searching for a medium to communicate its public pharmaceutical products and health messages to the public. The objective of the network is to sell branded ad space over the Pharmacy TV Channel. The broadcasts follow the pattern of a standard TV program, containing news, weather forecasts, an events calendar, daily medical advice, medical messages, and branded commercials advertising over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, dressing materials and medical services.”

And Universal Pharma is already pleased with the new partnership.

“We already covered our hardware investment on the first day of deployment, which was our priority goal,” said Thibaut Uylenbroeck, purchase manager, Universal Pharma. “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with iDklic and believe the success of our network will be the result of a good collaboration between our two companies.”

digital signage for Universal Pharma