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BarCast network launches with Aerva digital signage

A screenshot from BarCast, where patrons can vote for the cutest bartenders through mobile phones.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — BarCast has launched a network of mobile interactive, high-definition flat panel displays in 50 bars, restaurants and clubs across Boston using Aerva’s digital signage and mobile interactivity technologies. The first of its kind social networking platform enables interactivity between the digital displays and patron cell phones, increasing the dwell time and return rate of bar and restaurant patrons. 

The interactive social networking platform is now offered at venues throughout Boston that are popular with college-educated people ages 21-35. “BarCast is able to engage patrons more successfully than any other mechanism and Aerva’s technology provides us with a large portfolio of interactive applications such as text-to-screen, pic-to-screen, and voting/polling that bar and restaurant patrons really enjoy,” said Steve Giuggio, partner at BarCast. 

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