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Avanti signs Sony as global sponsor for DOOH short film festival

LONDON — Avanti Screenmedia has agreed to a global deal with Sony United Kingdom Ltd. to sponsor Art by Chance, the first Ultra Short Film Festival running exclusively on DOOH networks. The event will be broadcast across Avanti’s DOOH network in the U.K.

Billed as the “largest public art event ever,” the festival is a global event that is being screened across 14 countries in 64 cities worldwide. The global coverage of the Short Film Festival will broadcast across 16,000 screens and will reach an estimated 188 million people.

For this unique event, Avanti has also recruited several other high-profile operators in the U.K., including the BBC’s 16 large-format LED screens located in major city centers and City Gateway’s LED screen in Manchester. Through these and other DOOH networks, the festival will be broadcast to an estimated weekly audience of 25 million in the U.K. alone.

Based around the theme “Journey,” there have been over 700 entries to the event, and judging is now taking place to find the top 30 short film entrants to appear onscreen during the festival, which will run from May 22 to June 3, 2009.

“Working with the Art by Chance Festival, we can see how digital media can be used not only for commercial purposes, but also to bring creativity and impact to a broader audience,” said Stuart Pemble of Sony Professional (Europe). “The engagement people have with screens in their everyday lives means that the ultra-short films presented through this communication channel will really help people to see digital media in a new way.”