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AV Planners installs digital signage for Rolex

AV Planners recently announced that it has installed digital signage for the new Rolex presented by Gearys flagship location in the Westfield Century City Collection of stores.

AV Planners installed two 42-inch and one 52-inch Samsung commercial grade displays. Working in conjunction with the interior design team, the idea of hidden technology was achieved to deliver Rolex’s desired vision. The design philosophy was to prominently place the displays among other fixtures in the space and have the screen bezels completely hidden behind custom wall coverings. The result, AV Planners says, is a tasteful application of technology in a space where the high-end merchandise itself deserves all the attention. The two 42-inch displays showcase numerous high resolution images of the Rolex line. The signage system driving the displays is completely self-contained with little to no daily human interaction needed. The 52-inch display shows videos from existing Rolex marketing materials. While no stranger to digital signage in retail environments, AV Planners was pleased to meet the needs of a high-end store like Rolex. While most digital signage systems are geared toward drawing attention to themselves, this project required the exact opposite: subtlety. Careful planning and attention to detail was necessary throughout the project in order to achieve this effect, the end result of that being a one-off custom application of today’s latest digital signage technology. When it came time to choose displays AV Planners says there was no question that a high-end display such as the Samsung DX line was a perfect match of features and reliability that makes Samsung one of the industry leaders in digital signage displays. The displays are in continuous operations over 15 hours a day so that even when the store is closed the signage is still seen through the glass store front. The screens bright and clear display allows it to be seen from well over 40 feet away. Another advantage gained by using these high-end displays is the portrait mode feature. The design called for the two 42-inch displays to be in portrait mode and of course Samsung provides the portrait mode feature throughout most of their commercial line. The digital signage system eliminates the need for static signage to be updated physically on a regular basis. As styles in the product line change over time, signage can be updated easily and quickly to reflect new merchandise offerings. Also subtle transitions are utilized in order to keep the screens from being a distraction and further the idea of subtlety.

digital signage for Rolex