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Australia's IGA grocery store to roll out digital signage network in 500 locations

A new Australian digital signage network is set to begin its national rollout of 2,000 screens to nearly 500 IGA grocery stores country-wide. The IGA stores will feature 46-inch digital signage screens (two to eight per store). The national launch of the new service will commence early in the first quarter of 2010.
Pronto digital signage Network, the group which developed the concept and negotiated the placement deal, says the network will have the potential to be seen by five million grocery shoppers weekly. Custom-built computers will have ads and content sent to each screen via a 3G Mobile Broadband platform.
Pronto says it is currently in discussions with leading consumer goods companies to lock up key advertiser categories.
Initial interest from the major marketers already approached has been outstanding, according to Pronto’s managing director, Andy Kiernan:
Advertisers we have spoken to are negotiating for exclusivity within categories because they see it as vastly superior to static point-of-sale material. Category exclusivity will be a feature of the digital signage advertising which will represent 50 percent of the screen content. The other 50 percent will be devoted to constantly changing information and entertainment, including news, weather, sports, etc.

digital signage network in 500 locations