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Australian firm launches Facebook property listings app for digital signage

Australian digital signage firm Crystal Display announced today that it has launched a new Facebook property listing app that enables clients to automatically showcase property listings on their Facebook company page, directly integrated with their digital signage platform.

The Facebook app helps achieve a dynamic and “always up-to-date” Facebook presence by enabling agencies to display their property listings online, where in most cases the property is found by the buyer, the announcement said.

“Facebook property listings is now an integrated feature of our real estate digital signage platform. The information published on our client’s digital real estate displays can now be published on their Facebook page so there is no need to manage separate systems,” said Ben Fisher, managing director of Crystal Display, in the announcement. “It’s a completely integrated system; when the client makes a change to their property listings on their display screens the information is automatically updated on their Facebook page also.

“The Facebook Property Listing App is now available as a standard inclusion from Crystal Display. For new clients who don’t have a Facebook company page, we’ll include that for free too.”

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