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Audience metrics a focus of Screen Expo Europe Day One

LONDON — The interest in Screen Expo Europe this morning was obvious just by looking at the entrance way to the National Hall at Olymipia in London. Show attendees were pushing their way through the doors, even forming a queue out side on the street at one point.
Once inside, the attendees were greeted by Samsung’s booth, which touted a six-screen video wall. Also garnering front-end attention was Cabtivate, a London-based provider who is installing digital screens in many of London’s signature taxi cabs. The company even managed to have a screen-equipped taxi in its booth.
Near Samsung and Cabtivate, TruMedia was counting its visitors, literally. The company was demonstating its iCapture tool, which records audience views from up to 20 feet away. On the top of TruMedia’s screen was an ad, while at the bottom of the screen was a live recording of the people looking at the screen. Also in the screen layout were graphs of the audience demographic, which were being updated in real-time based on recorded viewers.
A screen shot from TruMedia’s iCapture tool.

“Now that there are large companies advertising with digital signage, there has to be a figure of measurement,” said Geroge E. Murphy, CEO of TruMedia. “It really is the brands themselves who are pushing for a metric.”

TruMedia also showed the iCapture PROM proactive merchandising system, an extension if audience measurement, in the Scala booth. The iCapture PROM detects gender and age and tailors advertisements based on who it registers viewing the screen. Myra Cohen Doukhan, marketing manager for TruMedia, said the device operates on algorithms based on previously uploaded pictures and that the gender recognition technology has an accuracy rate of 90 percent.
Check digital signage Today this week for more updates from Screen Expo Europe.