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Astral Media Outdoor launches digital billboard network in Canada

Astral Media Outdoor (AMO) has launched a digital network in Vancouver and Toronto to complement 10 digital billboards already operating in Montreal.
The spectacular digital signs feature LED (light emitting diode) lighting, an advanced display technology capable of reproducing millions of colors in high resolution, ensuring outstanding readability, day or night. The digital boards display six static advertising messages rotating in 10-second intervals. The Digital Network is programmed and managed remotely from AMO’s control and broadcast center located in Montreal, giving advertisers the immediacy and flexibility to modify or change concepts at will, regardless of geographic location.
AMO successfully launched ten 14-foot by 48-foot digital faces in Montreal last spring. Vancouver’s digital network consists of nine 10-foot by 34-foot digital faces located in high-traffic areas near the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, the Second Narrows Bridge in North Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Highway en route to Whistler. The Toronto network currently features three 14-foot by 48-foot digital faces – two located on the Gardiner Expressway and one on Finch Avenue. The national digital network is expected to be fully operational by early December. 
Digital technology is a significant environmentally friendly improvement over current conventional billboard signs. Digital boards eliminate the need for ink, glues, paper and vinyl and reduce on-site maintenance.