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Artisan Complete, Tred take home DIGI awards

MARKHAM, Ont. — The digital signage Group recently awarded Artisan Complete with a DIGI Award in recognition of the Best Audience Measurement Product for its nCAPSULE, the first deployment of the nCAP product. A digital merchandising solution, nCAPSULE is an all-in-one interactive digital unit that attracts, engages and interacts with shoppers. Programmable and monitored remotely over a secure wireless connection, nCAPSULE features facial detection software that enables the client to measure how many people look at the display and for how long, by gender and soon by age group.

“The analysis of data from BroadSign’s triggered content playback reports combined with CognoVision’s AIM software shows distinct patterns emerging over time, giving us unique insight into shoppers’ behavior,” said Stephen Ghigliotty, Artisan’s director of digital merchandising.   

Tred Displays Corp. also won a 2008 DIGI Award for Flat Panel Display Excellence. Tred has developed a reflective, bi-stable and cost-effective clean-tech display designed specifically for digital signage.   Tred’s display products are designed to address the larger printed fixed-image sign market with a cost-effective, portable (wireless communication and battery powered) display. These displays enable the production of HybridSigns where digital content, like Tred’s display products, are integrated into printed fixed-image graphic signs.