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Artisan Complete, BroadSign, CognoVision launch nCAPSULE retail signage

TORONTO — Artisan Complete has launched the first installation of its nCAPSULE digital merchandising solution, featuring digital signage software from BroadSign and the first retail deployment of facial detection software from CognoVision.
The nCAPSULE is a remotely programmed digital floor display that offers push-button interactivity using BroadSign Suite and automated audience measurement analytics using CognoVision’s Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) technology.
“This is a major step for our company and for our clients,” said Stephen Ghigliotty, account director at Artisan Live, the digital arm of retail communications provider Artisan Complete. “Artisan has always designed and manufactured great retail displays. … By working with BroadSign and CognoVision we are now able to see exactly how they are working to get the attention of shoppers.”
The first nCAPSULE was launched at the flagship Birks jewelry store in Toronto for the Movado Group and its Concord brand of luxury watches. Its sleek and elegant look is enhanced by high-definition content delivered through BroadSign’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.
“Integrating BroadSign’s campaign execution system with CognoVision’s automated audience measurement tools allows any digital signage network to offer an unprecedented level of service to their advertisers,” said Rick Engels, chief executive of BroadSign International. “It also provides a high-tech shortcut to measuring the advertising ROI, eliminating the usual significant time delay and reducing the need for traditional big-budget surveys.”
“The nCAPSULE is an exemplary embodiment of bringing together industry leaders to create an all-encompassing, fully integrated digital media solution for retail,” said Haroon Mirza, director of business development of CognoVision Solutions. “The combination of CognoVision’s AIM audience measurement system with BroadSign’s digital signage suite provides an exceptional platform for advertisers to deliver, measure and optimize their campaigns.”