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Artisan Complete brings interactive signage to retail shelving

CHICAGO — Artisan Complete, a provider of retail communication solutions, unveiled a new dimension in shopper marketing at the GlobalShop 2008 retail tradeshow. nCAP is an all-in-one digital merchandising solution that can be continually rebranded for different retail campaigns using a fully modular design that supports multiple configurations and branding elements, hi-def 24-inch LG monitors,Broadsignsoftware and Cognovison audience tracking.
“The nCAP solution creates unlimited opportunities to attract and engage consumers at the point of purchase,” said Mike Brown, managing director of Artisan Retail and Artisan Live, the retail marketing and digital signage divisions of Artisan Complete. “Using the nCAP, marketers can combine traditional static elements with full motion interactive messaging and receive continuous audience measurement from each location.”
The modular design allows retailers and brands to quickly and easily refresh the look of end cap areas, while also giving consumers informative, interactive screens that will help drive understanding and product awareness right at the moment when those consumers make buying decisions.
Developed by Markham, Ontario-based Artisan Complete, the nCAP is powered by technology partners including Broadsign, whose digital signage software suite delivers more than five million pieces of digital content to screens worldwide using an Arbitron-certified distribution platform.
“This is an exciting project for BroadSign because it really thinks through how a digital signage solution can be effectively used in a retail environment,” said Rick Engels, president and CEO of BroadSign International. “nCAP is also the first application on the market using the interactive triggers capability BroadSign will be releasing at the end of this month.”
nCAP also offers the cost-effective option of activating CognoVision’s AIM software, a breakthrough audience measurement solution based on anonymous face-detection technology.
“CognoVision’s AIM system uses anonymous face-detection technology to collect audience viewership metrics and target ads in real-time,” said Haroon Mirza, director of business development for CognoVision. “The seamless integration of AIM with nCAP complements Artisan’s pioneering efforts to improve the shopping experience. Clients will know how many people looked at the display, how long they looked for, audience demographics, and more. Using these metrics, content can now be optimized based on actual nCAP user characteristics. We are very pleased to offer our technology on this breakthrough product from Artisan.”