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Arbitron develops professional training for digital out-of-home industry

Arbitron Inc. has launched a new educational series that includes insights on Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) Audience Metrics Guidelines for digital out-of-home place-based media advertising affiliates.
The core curriculum is targeted to sales professionals, executives, media consultants and others who desire a better understanding of the digital place-based media industry. Led by a team of experienced media training instructors, the diploma series is interactive and engaging and includes insights on the agency business, best practices for advertising in traditional media and developing a digital out-of-home media selling strategy.
Captivate Network, a digital programming and advertising network with more than 9,000 screens in the elevators of premier office towers across North America, will leverage the training program to learn more about how media is sold and specific benefits to selling digital out-of-home.
“Digital place-based media has become a driving force in the media landscape and we must be proactive in communicating that message to the industry,” said Mike DiFranza, president and general manager for Captivate Network. “The more people understand the value of place-based media networks, the more comfortable media buyers will become in adding it to their media mix.”
“OVAB’s members represent the best in class in digital place-based and out-of-home networks and suppliers,” said Suzanne La Forgia, president, OVAB. “Arbitron developed their training program with the OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines at their core which supports our mission of promoting and advancing the entire industry.”
Participants will also learn the role of industry groups such as Outdoor Advertising Associates of America (OAAA), and the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB), in addition to OVAB, in developing research standards.
“As an industry leader in media research, we are tapping into the brain trust of our experts with the goal of educating the marketplace on the merits of the place-based media industry and the value of their out-of-home inventory,” said George Brady, vice president of sales with Arbitron’s Out-of-Home division.
“Arbitron out-of-home training consultants have extensive research knowledge and also work closely with other Arbitron colleagues who train our radio, TV, cable, agency and advertiser clientele, allowing us to mine that knowledge foundation.”