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AOpen and iSIGN Media introduce ‘world's first intelligent media player'

AOpen America Inc., a digital signage solution provider and manufacturer of ultra small-form-factor computer systems, has entered into an OEM licensing agreement with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. to embed iSIGN’s patent-pending Bluetooth-interactive software technology into AOpen’s digital media players. 

The move has led to the creation of what AOpen is calling “the world’s first multifunction media player, capable of providing content management, Bluetooth message broadcasting and data logging of consumer responses into a single unit.”

Essentially, consumers are able to interact with iSIGN-enhanced digital signs by using their mobile handsets. The new multifunction models will provide the digital signage industry with both cost savings, added smarts and convenience never before available, according to AOpen.  

“We are pleased to be working with iSIGN Media to introduce a world’s first in digital signage technology,” said Dale Tsai, president of AOpen America. “ISIGN Media provides us with much needed business intelligence functionality to help our customers achieve new cost benefits while taking advantage of the latest in digital signage innovation.”

The exclusive agreement will enable AOpen to develop additional multifunction media players and digital engines available to all markets worldwide including retail, municipal and public applications.

AOpen will be promoting the new exclusive MP45DU, DE45HG and DE7000 models to existing and new customers to enable each to now collect consumer responses from mobile devices with a choice of three data logging dashboards. Existing AOpen units currently in use will also be able to be enhanced with an iSIGN licensed online solution to provide business intelligence for a low monthly fee with full support from both companies.

“The signing of this OEM agreement is a major step forward for iSIGN and is the first of many anticipated licensing agreements,” says Alex Romanov, CEO at iSIGN Media. “We are looking forward to working closely with AOpen and to help them grow their leadership position in the digital media marketplace.”