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Another DOOH booking platform emerging in Europe reported last weekthat Screening Media announced the launch of an online DOOH booking platform to be released in January. The DOOH booking service will be based in Belgium, and Screening Media says it will operate on an inventory of 14,000 screens across the country.
Olivier Viaud, commercial director and cofounder of Screening Media told (translated from French):
Until now, putting together a campaign through different digital networks was quite complicated, and as a result, the media has been inaccessible for several potential advertisers.
Now, the market is more structured. If one only counts the networks carrying advertising, there are now some 14,000 screens throughout Belgium, covering several sectors (pharmacies, supermarkets, tobacconists, fitness centers …). By linking these networks, we can offer innovative, targeted and effective media plans.
Screening Media’s platform is a newcomer into a market of online services that allow users to buy digital out-of-home advertising across multiple networks. In Europe, the market has thus far been dominated by, which added 182 screens in Belgian travel agencies to its buying network last week. In the U.S., Adcentricity, SeeSaw Networks and rVue are players in this space, with NEC’s Vukunet also entering the market last month.