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Animated Twitter board designs for digital signage take flight from Visix

digital signage software provider Visix Inc. recently announced that it has added new Twitter Board and Twitter Bulletin content designs to their creative services offering.

The animated Twitter board designs for Visix clients marry social media content with digital signage communications, the company said.

“We’re working to offer our clients new content sources that are dynamic yet affordable,” Visix Director of Client Services Tonya Dennis said in the announcement.

“Social media is a perfect contribution to digital signage because it creates a dialogue instead of just one-way communications — people can view, follow or post to be a part of the process. This is just one of many new content products we’ll be bringing to market.”

The Twitter digital signage designs are customized modules using Twitter’s API to display recent tweets in a Flash file with an animated background and Twitter bird. The design is customized with the client’s colors, logo, Twitter address and a QR tag sending viewers to a chosen URL.

Clients can choose from either a full-screen 9:16 Twitter Board or a 4:3 Twitter Bulletin that they can insert into normal digital signage playlists.

Both designs include:

  • Animated background branded with client logo and colors
  • Animated Twitter bird
  • Display of the client’s last seven tweets for the Twitter Board or last three tweets for Twitter Bulletin
  • Customized QR code and Twitter URL

University digital signage is an example of the type of environment where a social media dialogue can be fostered with the audience, resulting in widespread adoption of the Twitter feed, the company said.

Visix’s creative services group also provides fully-customized designs to enhance a social media presence with digital signage.

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digital signage take flight from Visix