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Altierre releases high-contrast displays for shelf-level digital signage

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Altierre Corp., a provider of digital signage and wireless dynamic pricing solutions for retailers, announced it has achieved a significant technical breakthrough in providing high-contrast black-and-white displays for its low-cost, low-power electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and digital signage product lines.

“Our new product line of displays establishes a new benchmark for contrast and readability, and is the culmination of years of research and iterative improvement in materials, manufacturing and algorithms,” said Altierre chairman and chief executive Sunit Saxena. “These displays, which are already in production and installed in pilot stores, have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our retail customers as well as very high marks for readability from their shoppers.”

Altierre’s high-contrast LCD displays provide a much brighter screen that improves visibility and legibility, all at a lower price point than competing solutions. The displays allow consumers to read pricing and product-related information more easily and from a greater distance, and offer retailers enhanced marketing capabilities.   Altierre’s ESLs offer an environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful paper price tags and make dynamic pricing a cost-effective reality for retailers for the first time. In addition, Altierre’s digital displays rival bi-stable displays in their power-consumption. A leading independent certification company recently verified that Altierre has achieved five-year battery life for LCD dot matrix displays, an unprecedented accomplishment in battery life performance.

“We continue to generate strong interest from retailers as we demonstrate that our technology is far ahead of the field,” said Saxena. “We are implementing solutions that are viable, scalable and affordable, and deliver a high ROI for large chain retailers.”

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