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Altabox launches masymasTV supermarket digital signage

MADRID, Spain — Altabox, a company specialized in digital signage, has developed a new corporate channel for masymas, one of the most tech-savvy food retailers in Spain.

The channel’s main purpose is to entertain and inform the public about the store’s offers and promotions. The entertainment content has sections such as cooking tips, health and pet care advice.

Altabox develops the content for masymasTV, along with the guidelines of the marketing department of masymas.

“We are working on contents that approach masymas with their consumers, following the strategic positioning of masymas in the market. The product offerings are more pleasant and effective with these digital signage contents … and consumers are sure to not lose the information that need for a good shopping experience,” said Suso Loza, creative director of Altabox.

The project developed by Altabox uses Kentia digital signage software to manage music at the stores and for transmitting and broadcasting content on the masymasTV channel. The hardware solutions were developed by DS Digital Screens.

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