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Allure Global Solutions completes digital technology install at IMAX theatre

ATLANTA — Allure Global Solutions Inc. announced the completion of a successful installation of its digital technology in The Silverado 19 IMAX Theatre, a new Santikos Theatre located in Houston.
Allure Global installed a total of 70 screens, both LCD and plasma, for this location. There are eight 42-inch LCD screens for the Digital Box Office, 18 50-inch plasma screens for the Digital Menu Boards, 19 42-inch LCDs for the Digital Movie Posters and 25 24-inch LCDs for the Digital Auditorium Signs.
The Digital Movie Poster solution allows for the delivery of full color, digitally animated, high-resolution posters that draw attention and entertain.
Digital Menu Boards use the Allure Global Enterprise Solution with new flexible components that allow for engaging motion-graphic marketing messages all managed through a central server. This solution also is an enterprise application that can be integrated with the existing POS system. Digital Menu Board technology helps theater owners increase concession sales, reduce merchandising costs and increase guest awareness.
The Digital Box Office solution allows the theater owner to display digital movie posters with movie times and ratings in full color. Integration to the theatre’s POS solution for real-time data provides show-times and feature information such as title, ratings, run-time, sold-out and cancelled notifications.
Digital Auditorium Signage transforms auditorium signs into dynamic digital signage that displays digital-movie posters with movie names, show times, ratings, and auditorium status. By integrating with the existing POS system, Digital Auditorium Signage can dynamically change auditorium locations as the POS system updates.
The installation at The Silverado is the fourth installation of an Allure Global solution. It is one of two flagship locations, including The Palladium in San Antonio.