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Alfa Romeo Turkey promos brand with custom 3M Vikuiti film

BRACKNELL, England — Visual impact is critical to success for modern car brands, and Alfa Romeo Istanbul is using Vikuiti Rear Projection Film from 3M to present powerful messages at street level using full-color, full-motion video.
According to a news release, 3M Turkey has installed Vikuiti Film on sliding window panels at Alfa Romeo’s showroom, which is delivering a variety of content directly to visitors and passers-by.  The showroom is using the window display to present messages, including promotional offers, new product announcements, and dealer and manufacturer news. The content is developed and produced by Alfa Romeo, working with professional creative partners, and takes advantage of Alfa Romeo’s history to communicate the full excitement of Alfa Romeo ownership.   “Alfa Romeo is known as a vibrant brand, full of color and passion. This can be difficult to communicate fully on a video screen, but Vikuiti Film provides more space for expression as well as brighter colors and sharper images, even in daylight conditions,” said Yunus Kaptan, Alfa Romeo’s network development specialist. “Since we have installed this, people in the street can feel our enthusiasm for Alfa Romeo, and want to be part of it. We are taking more inquiries, and more of those people are serious about wanting to share the Alfa Romeo experience.”   To fulfill its goals, Alfa Romeo asked 3M Turkey to develop a custom display using sliding glass panels to create a large-format video screen for night-time use. As the sliding glass panel is used when moving cars in and out of the showroom, the dealership also wanted the display to enable the cars to be seen clearly through the shop window during the day.

Vikuiti Rear Projection Film is lightweight, supports ultra-large screen sizes, is easily installed directly behind or against shop windows, and operates in conjunction with an unobtrusive projection system.