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AEON to debut Reactive Digital Signage at NGA Supermarket Synergy Showcase

WALLINGFORD, Connecticut — AEON Inc. has developed a proprietary optimization system to measure the impact that a digital sign has on its retail surroundings and can adjust the content shown accordingly, in real time. It will showcase its newly-released Reactive digital signage system at the NGA Supermarket Synergy Showcase at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas February 5th and 6th.

By using two forms of audience measurement technology while tracking the content displayed, the system checks a detailed database to see if the advertised product was purchased at the POS software. 

Instead of manually tracking results with non-real-time applications that don’t complete the reporting cycle, the AEON system not only reports real-time data, it can also suggest or self administer more relevant pieces of content to the digital signage players with data to support it.

The system will monitor the data being produced by the digital signage player, the POS system and viewer tracking software and will automatically report back to the players what content should be playing. This system enables deeper shopper insights, continuous learning, and automatic performance improvement. The screens will know what to show and when based on the data collected.

For example, if you wanted to sell chips and soda you would set the rules to sell them, but if you didn’t reach your set sales goal within the specified time period, the system could change the ad’s information, colors, graphics, etc. If you still didn’t see a lift in sales in another specified time period, the system could automatically switch ads to sell another pre-programmed product. 

digital signage at NGA Supermarket Synergy Showcase