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Advantech announces DSE 2009 digital signage line-up

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Advantech, a global services provider, will showcase the latest additions to its digital signage product portfolio at digital signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, Feb. 25-26. Advantech has also launched an all-in-one industrial-grade digital signage display with an integrated computing engine for versatile industrial applications.
Here is a preview of what Advantech is bringing to Las Vegas:
Open Platforms: Advantech’s digital signage platforms are based on open-platform architecture, which deliver proven compatibility with digital signage software. The DSA-3000 series platform has passed compatibility testing with a variety of leading digital signage application software packages. As a member of POPAI, Advantech also participates in the definition of the “Server Intercommunications Standard.” Additionally, Advantech will launch a new RISC-based platform, DSA-2130, which uses the W3C defined, XML-based SMIL language.
A High Performance and Cost-effective Platform: Advantech will launch two of its new x86-based digital signage platforms at DSE ’09 — DSA-3020 and DSA-3520. Both platforms demonstrate high price/performance ratios with outstanding high-definition video playback. DSA-3020 is an innovative model jointly developed with Intel. All-in-one digital signage Display: Advantech digital signage Display/Station (DSS) series is a communication platform designed for public signage network deployment. It comes with 42-, 52- and 65-inch display size options. DSS integrates digital signage computing modules into an engine to manage dynamic multimedia content, including video, flash, images, Web pages, RSS messaging, etc.
Advantech’s DSS series integrates touchscreens to provide interactivity, Web-cams for “gesture-based” interaction, and various sensors such as proximity and light luminance for further value-added applications. With the addition of the optional metal frame and base station, Advantech can easily convert its digital signage Display into a floor-stand digital signage Station.

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