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Adspace Networks reports 90 percent digital signage recall rate

Ninety percent of American shoppers notice Adspace Digital Mall Network’s Smart Screens located throughout 105 Class-A malls nationwide, the company said today in a release. 

The findings were based on as study, also released today. It said also that of that 90 percent who noticed the Smart Screens, 74 percent recalled viewing them, and of those viewers, 35 percent recalled viewing the “Today’s Top Ten” features. These features are Adspace editorial content and highlight the Adspace Personal Shoppers’ hand-selected ten best sales throughout the mall. Further, a full 18 percent of those shoppers made a purchase in the past month based on the information they saw on the screens. 

Adspace has 1,400 Smart Screens nationwide that display both advertising and editorial content. For this study, Adspace worked with General Growth Properties, the network’s largest mall partner, to query a panel of their mall club members. Via an online survey fielded by Insight Express, shoppers were asked to recall the screens’ content including the “Today’s Top Ten” features.

Adspace Networks engaged Insight Express to interview a total of 978 General Growth Properties’ mall club members across 34 geographically dispersed malls in June 2009.  Each had visited their local GGP mall at least twice in the past 30 days. Panelists were queried via email to take an online survey about their recent shopping experience. 

“We are constantly fielding research with mall shoppers to understand what network content they will find most engaging on the Smart Screens during their trip to the malls,”  said William Ketcham, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks. “We know from prior research that sale information is the highest rated content, and found it particularly encouraging in this most recent study that 95 percent of all respondents felt that sale information is ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important,’ with very little variation among age or gender groups.”

Other key findings of the study include:

• New sources of sale information are gaining traction, particularly among young females age 13-24. Digital screens in malls are used by 27 percent of women 13-24 for sale information and are rapidly approaching the level of newspapers and magazines at 33 percent each.

• Shoppers were asked what retailers they want to see in the “Today’s Top Ten” features on the Smart Screens and Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, J.C. Penney, Gap and American Eagle were the most popular stores.

digital signage recall rate