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ADFLOW signage software allows instant template changes

TORONTO — ADFLOW Networks’ Digital Messaging System (DMS) has a new software feature for subscribing users, which allows one-click modification to the Content Template. The addition is a reaction to customers wanting to react to necessary changes in the marketplace, which require rapid turnaround times for updating content playing across networks.
In the past, this may have required outsourcing to a creative agency and unavoidable time delays impacting sales or messaging. Users maintain image inventory within the application and simply insert new images and rates into the template, save the changes, approve and publish. Within minutes the new image is broadcast to the network. By centrally controlling the changes, users have control over the accuracy and timeliness of the message. 
Likewise, customers who use the kiosk application can engage ADFLOW’s DMS Content Templates software to change rates, images, terms and products within minutes. Again a simple entry by the application administrator facilitates the change. The messaging system complements the template function as text can be changed without re-creating the spot.
The template feature is especially useful where the background creative can remain static, creating a consistent visual message while reflecting relevant information modifications.