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ADFLOW partners with Bar Channel to reach sought-after demographic

TORONTO — Blast Media, owner and operator of The Bar Channel, has announced that it has partnered with ADFLOW Networks, a provider of dynamic point-of-purchase advertising to digital screens. 
Together, the companies will offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach sought-after Canadian audiences. The Bar Channel allows advertisers to connect with the highly-targeted demographic of individuals between the ages of 19 to 34 through digital screens located at bars and restaurants in various Canadian locations.
The Bar Channel offers a distinctive approach to out-of-home digital signage, featuring engaging, energetic, eye-catching content — including real-time sports scores, weather forecasts and news updates sharing screen time with high-energy sports highlights, comedy clips and blooper reels, interspersed with advertising spots.
“Blast Media and The Bar Channel are excited about this new partnership and the growth opportunity that it presents,” says Jeff White, president of Blast Media. “ADFLOW Networks’ digital media management expertise and patented software technology will add a key component to the overall success of The Bar Channel.”
As part of the agreement, Rogers Media will not only provide content to the network, but will also manage media sales. 
“As a leader in the industry, Rogers Media has an exceptional understanding of digital out-of-home media and the unprecedented reach that it provides advertisers looking to target a particular audience,” says Steve Kartonchik, vice president of ADFLOW Networks. 
With a weekly audience of 200,000, The Bar Channel will expand on its existing 90-plus locations by targeting bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and into the United States.