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ADCENTRICITY releases first creative reference guide for digital signage

Just 10 days after releasing its inaugural quarterly Digital Out-of-Home Market Review to the industry, ADCENTRICITY today announced its first creative reference guide for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) medium.

The guide is a collaborative effort with 14 companies sharing their ideas and knowledge in “what works” when developing creative content for DOOH. Some contributing agency experts included executives from Razorfish, Mindshare, and Saatchi X.

“The creative element to any advertising campaign is paramount in achieving optimal success,” said Jeff Atley, cofounder of Adcentricity. “The effort and resources to optimize a DOOH ad spot is typically insignificant in order to optimize the initiative and investment. This paper helps to give a fundamental understanding of DOOH and takes into account basic components relative to the unique nature of the medium and shows that simple changes can make a difference in performance.”

The objective of this first edition Creative Reference Guide is to address basic elements of DOOH advertising considerations, the company says in its release. The areas included are intended to simplify and summarize components like planning, audience profiles and behavior, venue profiles and screen characteristics, among others.

According to the foreword, the guide is intended as a reference tool:

This report is not intended to be an official “best practices” guide for Digital OOH creative. Instead, it should be considered an expert led reference guide for the many different levels involved in creating creative campaigns that leverage DOOH’s unique characteristics. Future editions of this report will likely be released as the medium matures and, more importantly, as brands and agencies mature their utilizations – which is happening quarter by quarter. Future editions will likely cover more advanced applications and creative solutions that involve DOOH media.

Input and feedback from the industry is encouraged around this subject to collectively advance DOOH advertising.

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