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ADCENTRICITY raises $3 million in funding

TORONTO — ADCENTRICITY Inc., a North American digital out-of-home media sales network, has raised $3 million of Series A equity financing in a transaction led by Propulsion Ventures, a subsidiary of Telesystem.

The Toronto-based company will use the funding to substantially increase its sales presence throughout North America, increase the depth of its network partnerships in its existing and new verticals and invest in supporting research with partners and media/advertising agencies.

“There are tremendous growth opportunities in digital OOH and we are expanding strategically to appeal to the increased demand from brands and agencies for scalable media opportunities in place based and retail environments, while investing strongly in our dedicated digital OOH media sales efforts,” said Rob Gorrie, president of ADCENTRICITY. “We are working in a truly great industry, which provides for unprecedented ‘hyper targeting’ of audiences on a large scale across North America. In the year since we launched, we have made major progress attracting network partners to our service, introduced a robust end-to-end media platform, and made great in-roads in servicing the planning and buying market at the agency and advertiser level. The extra resources provided by Propulsion Ventures will only increase these areas as key strengths of ADCENTRICITY.”