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ADCENTRICITY announces full-service mobile solution for DOOH media

NEW YORK – ADCENTRICITY, a North American aggregator and strategist for digital out-of-home media, has announced a new full-service, cross carrier mobile marketing solution with key service provider, Impact Mobile. By combining two of the fastest growing categories in advertising – digital out-of-home and mobile – advertisers can now take advantage of the unique opportunities within digital out-of-home executions and activate consumer dialogues where they live, work and play.
“The convergence between digital out-of-home media and mobile is happening now and smart marketers are figuring out how to use these forms of media together to create the ultimate engagement tool,” said Rob Gorrie, CEO of ADCENTRICITY. “Adding a mobile component to a digital out-of-home plan is a great way to enable consumers to interact with your brand messages with relevance and introduces additional means to evaluate ROI.”
Today’s mobile subscribers send more text messages than phone calls, according to Nielsen. The proliferation of iPhones, Blackberrys, increased bandwidth and unlimited texting packages have made mobile marketing a high growth category. With the addition of this service, ADCENTRICITY can plan and execute digital out-of-home campaigns among 140,000 screens across North America and is the only digital out-of-home provider that can bring scale and mobile applications to life at this level. ADCENTRICITY’s unique capabilities for digital out-of-home planning can be extended seamlessly into the mobile strategy, driving efficiency and impact.
“An alliance between Impact Mobile and ADCENTRICITY enables the consumer to activate digital out-of-home media and in turn allows brands to leverage this one-to-one channel to deliver alerts, coupons and other special offers directly to their consumers’ phone number,” said Gary Schwartz, CEO and president, Impact Mobile. “The wireless phone allows the brands to add valuable functionality to the digital out-of-home buy.”   With Impact Mobile as the mobile service provider, this offering will provide advertisers with hyper-targeting capabilities to increase interaction with audiences on-the-go through mobile devices and help extend campaigns across even more channels. Capabilities include:
• Call-to-Action: SMS, votes, polls, sweepstakes, contests, promotions, coupons, call-back request, text4info, surveys • Retail & Redemption: Mobile coupons (bar codes), unique PIN numbers (drive2web), ticketing • Content Deliver: Rich content, ringtones, wall papers, games, videos • Mobile Applications: Mobile Internet Sites (WAP) & Smart Phone Applications (more comprehensive and customized solutions)
Consumers engaging with digital out-of-home media are on-the-go and the interaction with mobile can be used for example, to send pre-programmed, customized messages to specific geographic targets throughout the life of the campaign. A mobile component to any digital out-of-home campaign can also help to drive a call to action, increase brand awareness and point-of-purchase sales.
ADCENTRICITY assisted in facilitating an ideal example of how the two mediums can work in symphony during Barack Obama’s campaign, specifically in the battleground state of Ohio. The goal of the campaign was to trigger voter action by prompting potential and existing constituents to engage through mobile text messaging for immediate and extended campaign dialogue. ADCENTRICIY’s platform, AdVenue, helped identify the targeted demographic and psychographic audiences within vital geographic areas of importance to develop and execute the campaign. The campaign produced a monthly audience of 866,189 serving 2,173,457 Barack Obama ad spots featuring an SMS call to action with specific key words in each DMA.
ADCENTRICITY launched its AdVenue platform in 2008, a robust solution that helps marketers plan campaigns based on business objectives and goals and can target by region and venue type, along with specific demographic information. ADCENTRICITY is also a member of OVAB, The ARF and POPAI.