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Active International to buy up to $3 million in DOOH ads from ProLink

CHANDLER, Ariz. — ProLink Solutions, a provider of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) golf course management systems and digital out-of-home on-course advertising, today announced that Active International has entered into an agreement with ProLink to purchase up to $3 million of net advertising on the ProLink Network through January 31, 2010.   Active International, which places more than $1 billion in media annually, will offer its clients advertising on the ProLink Network, which annually reaches more than 13 million golfers at approximately 400 courses across the U.S.   Clients of Active International will gain access to the ProLink Network’s inventory of ads, which appear on GPS screens affixed to golf carts at upscale courses and resorts. Surveys have shown recall rates of 70 percent or better for golfers viewing the ads, positioned alongside useful content such as course graphics and strategic information.   “The ProLink Network is a proven vehicle for marketing to a wealthy, hard-to-reach demographic,” said Alan Brown, executive vice president, Worldwide Media. “ProLink’s dynamic platform presents a multitude of opportunities to achieve our clients’ branding and promotions goals in key markets nationwide. We’re excited to enter this very promising partnership.”   “We look forward to forging a valuable relationship with Active International and its clients in the months and years to come,” said Andy Batkin, chief executive of the company’s ProLink Media division. “This agreement reflects the growing desire of the advertising community to cost-effectively reach the highly desirable advertising audience that our customers represent.”   As part of the agreement, ProLink will receive a guaranteed amount of trade credits. ProLink anticipates using the trade credits to reduce cash expenditures for logistics and freight, travel, entertainment, various services and material purchases.