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Acme Professional puts Adtec in the spotlight at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ANNEX NYC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Acme Professional integrated 36 Adtec Digital signEdje high definition MPEG 2 digital media servers into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ANNEX NYC. The 25,000 square foot museum which opened in Nov. 2008 in New York’s SoHo district is an experiential, technologically advanced exhibition focusing on the greatest moments in rock history.
As the integrator for the project, Acme Professional wanted to create a complex audio visual system that could be installed with a minimum amount of building infrastructure and a maximum amount of central control to allow flexibility to fine tune the exhibits to the client’s needs. The goal of the installation was to have reliable synchronous playback with very high video quality and show control capability at a very attractive price.
One of the challenges Acme faced when designing the layout was the limited space available.
“We realized that we could place the servers in direct proximity to projectors and flat panel displays allowing us to keep the video cable run very short and maximize signal quality, installing a single inexpensive CAT-5 cable for show control of the signEdjes,” said Tom Clark, principal of Acme Professional. “The signEdjes are quite efficient; they draw almost no power and loading and function are a quick process and their tremendous operational flexibility doesn’t stand in the way of getting them to perform quickly.”
There are 16 signEdjes and monitors divided into four pods in the Roots and Influences exhibit. Each pod contains four signEdjes delivering content to four 40-inch flat panel LCD displays in portrait mode to create a large synchronous video wall. They feature video collages that describe the past music legends that affect the artistry of current day superstars.
In John Lennon: The New York City Years, four signEdjes are being used individually, driven by specific content including John and Yoko’s art films and home movies. In other areas of the museum, signEdjes show footage of concerts and interviews and in some cases collages of multiple archival films related to specific rock and roll artists.