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A2aMEDIA announces first U.S. installation of digital building facade

BOSTON — A2aMEDIA Inc., a privately-held next generation media company that designs, installs and operates large-scale LED media screens as transparent building facades, has announced the first U.S. installation inside California State University, Fresno’s new Henry Madden Library, designed by AC Martin Partners, according to a news release.
The video installation, created by artist and architect Susan Narduli, is made possible by a $10 million donation by the Table Mountain Rancheria and will depict a master basket weaver at work. Filmed over a 12-month period, the video will show the artist weaving the basket from start to finish, making this one of the longest art films ever made.
This installation is the first for A2aMEDIA in the United States and represents the company’s dedication to the advancement of architectural and artistic ingenuity through technology.
A2aMEDIA’s installation consists of a patent-pending stainless-steel architectural woven mesh panel called Mediamesh. The panel is made of linear tubes filled with LED nodes that provide the “pixels” for a large-format display mesh. Only 3/4-inch thick, the mesh panel is incredibly durable and is the most unique transparent large scale media technology currently on the market, according to the news release.
“One of the reasons we chose A2aMEDIA is because its technology is above and beyond what is available in the marketplace today. Of all the companies our team looked into, it was the only one that could apply futuristic technology to bring a historic tradition to life in a genuine and realistic format,” said Cynthia Teniente-Matson, vice president of administration at California State University in Fresno. “Our goal for the Henry Madden Library expansion project was to blend the ancient Native American heritage of the Central Valley of California into the state-of-the art facility. A2aMEDIA worked tirelessly to make that vision a reality.”
“The extreme duration of the video demands a high performance system,” said award-winning artist and architect Susan Narduli, principal of Narduli Studio. “A2aMEDIA was selected because theirs was the only technology we found that was robust enough to stand up to the unprecedented challenges of the artwork.”
The 700-sq.uare-foot digital Mediamesh curtain will be mounted on the interior of the library’s large glass wall overlooking the outdoor peace garden. Students and visitors outside of the building will have the ability to view the artwork as they pass by the library or visit the Peace Garden, which houses monuments of people who brought peace and hope to this world: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., César E. Chávez, Mahatma Gandhi and peace activist and social reformer Jane Addams.
“As we move into the future, it is very important that we never lose sight of the past,” said John D. Welty, Fresno State’s president. “The contributions, wisdom and connection to the land of the entire Native American community in our region need to be cherished, recorded and passed on to future generations. This technology allows us to do that.”
“The California State University, Fresno installation is a wonderful way for A2aMEDIA to demonstrate the unique versatility of the medium,” said Andrew Melton, president of A2aMEDIA. “The adaptation of this technology for educational and artistic purposes will have a considerable impact on the way digital media is viewed in the future. We are proud to provide a platform for sharing the traditions of the Table Mountain Rancheria with all who will utilize this space; particularly since the new library is a true example of the blending of nature and technology into an unparalleled visual experience.”
The 350,000-square-foot Henry Madden Library will be the largest library in the California State University’s 23-campus system and the largest academic library between Southern California and the Bay Area. The library, with more than one million volumes, records more than 800,000 visitors a year.