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7-Eleven plans DOOH network rollout to 6,200 stores by 2011

7-Eleven announced plans yesterday for 7-Eleven TV, a digital out-of-home network that the company says will roll out to 6,200 stores by the end of 2010.
According to a MediaWeek report, the network is currently installed in 60 stores in California, Texas and Florida. Once fully deployed, 7-Eleven TV will reach an estimated 190 million consumers, making it one of the nation’s largest digital out-of-home networks.
The network is being supplied by Digital Display Networks, which will produce turnkey services and equipment for 7-Eleven.
Kevin Elliott, VP of merchandising and logistics for 7-Eleven told MediaWeek:
This network will not only deliver relevant content but information on products and promotions that are of particular significance to the convenience store customer. We also want to enhance sales opportunities for our suppliers, and this network provides an effective platform to deliver sales messages at relevant times right at the point of sale, where the majority of purchase decisions are made.
Programming will run in four-minute loops, designed to match the average dwell time for shoppers in the store. Loops will be day-parted into five different categories in order to show the most relevant content to shoppers depending on the time of day. Ads promoting 7-Eleven’s proprietary brands and in-store and out-of-store brands will air every four minutes and will run seven to 15 seconds in length. About 20 spots will air per hour.