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3M showcasing 20-plus multitouch display at SID Week

3M Touch Systems Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M, announced the availability of the 20-plus finger multitouch 3M Multi-Touch Display M2256PW.

With its ultra-fast, 20-plus finger multi-touch input and a high-definition, wide viewing-angle LCD, the M2256PW display delivers performance designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding multi-finger or multi-user interactive applications. Based on the 3M Projected Capacitive Technology (3M PCT), the M2256PW display offers application developers full multi-touch capabilities with less than 6 millisecond response time for 20 simultaneous touches in a high-definition, wide viewing-angle LCD. “With the release of the M2256PW multi-touch display, 3M is helping realize the full potential of the multitouch ecosystem,” said Chris Tsourides, business manager, 3M Touch Systems.

Windows Touch AQ tested for 20+ fingers, the M2256PW display offers fast, accurate multitouch response for professional and commercial applications and 3M PCT offers key differences from other multifinger technologies:
  • 20-plus finger simultaneous touch response enables more immersive and intuitive applications
  • 6 millisecond response time (for 20 touches) enables more natural and responsive applications
  • Palm accommodation allows interface manipulation with one or more hands resting on screen
  • 3,358 touch points enable precise draw and edge accuracy for full screen interactivity
  • “Anti-stiction” touch surface provides users with smooth and natural draw response
The 3M Display M2256PW features a high-definition 1680 x 1050 LCD screen, DVI and VGA video input, audio input, USB and RS232 (serial) dual-mode communication protocol and durable, anti-glare front surface. Applications taking advantage of this high level of interactivity include computer aided design, digital signage, computer gaming, security monitoring systems, education and training and telepresence.
The M2256PW display is compatible with Windows 7, so additional drivers are not required when using Windows 7. For Linux and Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems, 3M offers a multi-touch driver and software utility, and will offer communication protocol documents for customers who wish to develop their own drivers.
3M Touch Systems is exhibiting 3M PCT multitouch technology and the 3M Multi-Touch Display M2256PW in booth # 231 at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week this week in Seattle.