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3 Feet Media announces launch of the Digital College Network

ATLANTA — 3 Feet Media, a Georgia-based, out-of-home signage company, has announced the launch of The Digital College Network.
In March, 3 Feet Media acquired the EZ Show Network (also known as The Bookstore Network), an Indianapolis-based company, and changed the name to The Digital College Network. The company installs commercial-grade digital screens in college and university bookstores and sells advertising on the network.
The network currently features 263 bookstores reaching more than 3.5 million students per month. The Digital College Network intends to add an additional 250 screens by early 2009 with a potential reach of 8 million students per month on average. The screens will be installed in conjunction with Chicago-based Follett Higher Education Group, which operates more than 800 bookstores in the United States and Canada.
3 Feet Media, based in Woodstock, Ga., with offices in New York and Chicago, has been involved in high-impact scrolling signage in a variety of retail environments including Pathmark, Giant Carlisle, T-Mobile and A & P in addition to the Chicago Transit Station, Paramount Kings Island and other locations.
“The acquisition of The Bookstore Network allows us to rapidly expand into the digital market, which we see as the future of retail signage,” said Chris Esposito, president and chief executive of 3 Feet Media. “We are excited about our partnership with Follett and believe that we can reach the key 17- to 27-year-old demographic extremely cost effectively for advertisers. Because each school has an individual IP address, we can also sell regional and local ads as well as national advertising.”
The Digital College Network will feature digital screens with audio and video messaging and the company is exploring a wide variety of “activation options,” including interactive messaging, in-store promotions, sampling, couponing and other activities that will result in increased sales for advertisers.