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2D barcodes allow mobile interactivity with digital signage

SAN FRANCISCO —, a platform for mobile access and interaction, has announced its partnership with Saazé Corp., a provider of digital signage technology and broadcast media advertising, to bring mobile interaction to on-screen advertising with the help of 2D barcodes. Saazé is actively using the 2D barcodes to add a new layer of interactivity to digital signage screens. They also allow tracking of access rates and provide additional value to Saazé’s advertisers as they can now generate interactive messages and campaigns.

Saazé uses Snappr’s management interface to generate mobile content on a self-serve basis, while Snappr helps with consulting services when it comes to choosing the right content. Mobile content like contact info, mobile coupons, music, image files and URLs are able to be accessed using the barcodes.

In order to take advantage of 2D barcodes, mobile users must install a 2D code reader application on their mobile phone. Many phones are equipped with pre-installed readers. For other phones, Snappr is providing a mobile Web site, which determines the best-suited reader application for the accessing mobile device (

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