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1-2-1VIEW develops gender, viewer validation for digital signage

SINGAPORE — 1-2-1VIEW, a Linux-based digital signage provider, has launched gender distinction for its viewer validation technology. As a single systems platform, it removes potential hidden costs by eliminating third party software integration.
Most off-the-shelf digital signage systems that intend to use viewer validation tools have to undergo an integration process. This involves the overcoming of hardware and software compatibility issues, the fine-tuning of validation-to-player synchronization problems and the coordination of log report functions. These issues often have the potential to drag installation deadlines and result in increased costs.
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By mounting a regular webcam on the screen, the media player’s InterFace viewer validation software can detect onlookers, differentiate gender and immediately react by swapping to more relevant content.
Gender distinction also expands the categorization of InterFace’s validation logs to detect and count viewers, measure attention span and ‘Opportunity to See’ foot traffic count at the point of display — all of which can be translated to spreadsheets for convenient analysis.
“Although the digital signage industry is growing strongly, its greatest hurdle has always been quantifying the effectiveness of ad campaigns and measuring the return on investment by advertisers. With the addition of gender distinction to InterFace, we can really give advertisers the advantage to target the right audience with the right message at the right time and give them the full report to prove it,” said 1-2-1View chief executive Alfred Chong. “Our solution will give clients more cost-effective systems with predictable installation timelines and help them stretch their advertising dollar all at once.”

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