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1-2-1VIEW developing audience measurement chip

SINGAPORE — Linux-based digital signage provider 1-2-1VIEW is collaborating with custom display manufacturer Outform to develop a digital signal processor (DSP) audience measurement chip to create flexible, lightweight point-of-display digital signage retail platforms.

Backed by the Singapore-Israel Industrial Research and Development (SIIRD) Foundation, the joint venture will receive a grant to develop a dedicated hardware platform that is both small enough to be placed in any kind of POD display yet fully networkable for flexible control of the display screens storewide or even throughout an entire chain.

At the heart of the platform will be a custom designed DSP chip that will receive incoming visual data from an attached pinhole camera. The screen display unit will then be able to log viewer statistics based on their age, gender and ethnicity and will be capable of reacting to these details based on the demands of the site display.

Parked under Outform’s current i-Display product line of screen displays, the i-Display Intelligent and the i-Display Brand Management will incorporate 1-2-1VIEW’s InterFace digital signage technology.

The i-Display Intelligent will actively interact with viewers, determining their age, gender or ethnicity to display content that is more relevant to enhance their retail experience.

The i-Display Brand Management will play scheduled content similar to regular digital signage displays, but will measure audience attention span across the network of screens, breaking the viewership logs down into duration and number-of-views demographics for impact analysis of advertising campaigns.