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1-2-1VIEW debuts digital signage upgrade 3.3 for Outdoor Advertising Philippines 2009 show

SINGAPORE — 1-2-1VIEW Media Holdings has released its latest upgrade for digital signage software Upgrade Package 3.3 and InterFace 2.0. These will be showcased at the Outdoor Advertising Philippines 2009 in Manila.
Located at booth 83 of the first Outdoor Advertising Philippines show, 1-2-1VIEW’s Upgrade Package 3.3 features new capabilities such as a classified ads application program that allows screen viewers to interact with the screen and its contents by submitting their own personal possessions for sale. The network will be capable of segregating such content by locality so that exchange of goods can be done based on the preference of the user posting the content.
The latest release also allows for the support of video wall capability for placement at high-impact areas and portrait screen orientation. The screens can also be partitioned via screen templates to form zones of content that can assist in branding objectives or supplying viewers with additional information through the insertion of company logos or the streaming of HTML content on weather or financial information.
Upgrade Package 3.3 also features stronger command and control functions for tighter, more comprehensive control over the network. Local administrators can broadcast instant or pre-programmed messages over their sub-network of screens which can be set into custom groupings by the primary administrator.
1-2-1VIEW’s Ninja N406 media players can preview content during playlist creation, allowing for a default content playlist should there be gaps in the programming. The system will also automatically calculate content play length and can now intelligently detect conflicting playlist instructions. Upgrade Package 3.3 also allows the network to be sensitive to differing time zones for regional or global digital signage deployments.
Upgrade Package 3.3’s wide array of improvements also include greater connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G wireless connections. Media players can be remotely switched on or off via a central network control and run an off-peak hours content download for media players placed within high-usage networks. The upgrade also runs a media player functional status monitor with an e-mail alert message to notify administrators at any time.
The booth will also showcase 1-2-1VIEW’s unique InterFace 2.0 audience measurement software that measures view counts and general traffic passing by a designated medium to determine total reach and measure impact through the number of impressions and duration of attention span.

digital signage upgrade 3.3 for Outdoor Advertising Philippines 2009 show